Slander - Never Enough

"Never Enough" è il secondo video estratto dall’Ep “Bad Weather” fuori in digitale per Machete Empire Records.
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Venezia Hardcore
Directed by: Samall Ali e Leonardo Amati e Daniele Bagolin 
Editor: Leonardo Amati 
Color Grading: Daniele Bagolin 
Illustrations by: Rashetti e Fu Room Studio
Animated by: Fu Room Studio 
Thanks to Machete Productions, Spazio Aereo, Doomsday Society, Lobster, The Farm Industries
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Slander - Never Enough Lyrics:
I’m confused about the needs and scarred about the goals, 
I hope this time my choice will not bring any loss 
and even if I say I’m not doing it anymore, 
every fucking time there is something going wrong. 
Illusion, solution or just confusion? 
I’m the master of the pot so just take your conclusion. 
Bullshit, memories, useless theories 
all is sounding old and I’m getting tired of everything. 
I stopped believing, 
sick of dirty tricks and your double dealing. 
Calm down you're babbling, 
it seems your brain is fucked, stuck and lagging. 
Story of my life, me, myself and I. 
Pissed of with my brain, 
i can’t think straight.
I would but I can’t, should be this the end? 
Story of a loser without the balls to pretend