November 2016 - Pansy Division - Blame the Bible

The official music video for Pansy Division's "Blame The Bible" from the album "Quite Contrary," conceived and edited by John Austin Childress, copyright 2016.
While this video contains images that are disturbing, WE are disturbed by the current state of our country and around the world. It is Pansy Division's position that removing ALL religions from society will improve the world immensely.
Religion can be a beautiful thing, if taken in the context it deserves: a belief system based on a collection of stories that have no basis in fact, but can offer insights into how to be a better human being. Once religions go beyond this limitation (and we feel that most of them do), they can be dangerous. Just look at how our gay brothers and sisters are being treated elsewhere in the world: thrown off of buildings, stoned to death, burned alive, etc. And why? Because a few believers have turned their 'chosen' religion into a set of laws that permit and encourage them to separate and eliminate, rather than unite and treat equally.
Pansy Division asserts that not one human being has chosen who they are. Here are the questions we use to test this:
1) when did you choose to be born a man (or woman)?
2) when did you choose the time and place you were born?
3) when did you choose the physical appearance you were born with (hair color/type, eye color, skin color)?
These questions and others like it point to the obvious conclusion: we have all arrived here at birth without prior choice and are therefore entirely equal at birth. It is only when we adopt inherited sets of beliefs as adults that separation and cruelty to each other begins.
God is not a fact, or we wouldn't be having this discussion. One must not treat their 'chosen' religion (belief system) as a fact, or the 'one true religion' as they all profess to be. Since we have no concrete evidence of the existence of any 'supreme being,' it would be a better world if religion were reduced to the level of Santa Claus until evidence is discovered.
And until such time, treat your fellow human being as you would treat yourself.